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About the Club
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  • Bylaws
    Our Club Bylaws, recently amended in August, 2010, govern the Club's key activities and operations.  They cover the Club's purposes, membership, duties of Officers and Directors, meetings, elections, and other business.  To download a copy, click on this link:
    MDC BYLAWS 2010

  • Meetings

The Club holds a general membership meeting in the 4th quarter of the year in conjunction with our Annual Party.  Special meetings may be held if there is enough business to conduct.

The Board of Directors is authorized to conduct all business on behalf of the membership. 

Our membership consists of both breeders and show competitors. We also have a large number of Dachshund pet owners who do not compete but love the breed and enjoy attending the different Dachshund activities. You do not need to be competing to belong to the Minnesota Dachshund Club.

  • Events 



The Club sponsors competitive, educational, and social events throughout the year.  Competitive events include AKC licensed conformation shows, junior showmanship, obedience trials, rally, and field trials.

In August, 2002, we resumed Obedience competition at our Specialty.  In October, 2002, we held our first field trial weekend, which has become an annual event in October.    Educational events have included a tour of the University of Minnesota veterinary hospital, lecture on canine reproduction, and acupuncture seminars.  At our  Fun Days, we held a Dachshund breed education seminar, a fun conformation match with training on exhibiting in conformation, and a den trial demonstration and practice in the dens.   At past Fun Days, we held a fun conformation match with training in conformation, a den trial demonstration and practice in the dens, an obedience demonstration, and presented Rachel Page Elliott's "Dog Steps," a video on movement and dog structure.  At our 2005 Fun Day, we offered the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, a fun conformation match, and a seminar and practice session on AKC's  event:  Rally.  At our 2006 Fun Day, we offered an agility demonstration and training.  At our November 2008 Annual Meeting we held a fun conformation match and held an AKC Canine Good Citizen test, and a Therapy Dog demonstration.

We now hold 2 Specialties in August, complete with competition in Breed, obedience, rally, junior showmanship, and puppy/veteran sweepstakes, in conjunction with the St. Croix Valley KC all breed shows.  Our specialties are on Thursday and Friday, with the all breed shows on Saturday and Sunday.  After the show on Thursday, we offer a complimentary hospitality event, complete with a light meal and beverages - open to all club members, exhibitors, and Dachshund friends.  After the Friday show, we offer a chuckwagon barbecue dinner, with a brief club membership meeting afterwards.

Minnesota Dachshund Club offers DCA plaques and pins for conformation, obedience, and rally at our August specialties.

  • Membership Information
    Membership is open to Dachshund fanciers in good standing with the American Kennel Club.  To join, please download the membership application below and follow the instructions on the application.


  • Funding

The Club's operating funds come from a variety of sources:  member dues, trophy donations, raffles and auctions held at shows and our Annual Membership Party, entry fees from our shows, and the sale of items with original Dachshund designs (T-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee cups, socks, etc.).  Our members and friends show amazing generosity with their contributions.

  • Officers and Directors for 2011:

You may click on any of the officers' and directors' names to send them an email.

President: Marlies Noll
Vice President: Carolyn Casoria
Secretary: Marguerite Meade
Treasurer: Kathy Johnson
Director: Chris Foss-Tietz
Director: Peter Schuman
Director: Alyce Gilbertsen
Director: Becky Jagusch
Director: Elaine Hanson

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